past shows

november 2016, bokle, Radolfszell, with Zanthropya X, Lufthrasyr und Impulse For Sanity
october 2016, JUZ, Tiengen, with Demorphed, Entorx und Darkmoon
october 2016, Metal Night, Stuttgart, with Velvet of Dirt und Vanish
october 2016, Metal Attack, Greiz, with Impact und Ira Tenax
october 2016, Metal up your a..., Dresden, with Heartwritten, Aralez und Ira Tenax
september 2016, Thrash meets Death, Brackenheim, with Stealth Bomber, Entorx
september 2016, Kill Your Brain Festival, Mannheim, with Precipition, SHWL, Inertia, Entorx, Sublind, AWK und Ichorid
september 2016, Alte Piesel, Dirlos, with Ira Tenax und Odium
june 2016, Hexenhaus, Ulm, with Ira Tenax, Raw Ensemble und Mynded
june 2016, Met Bar, Lenzburg, with Blind Slavery
april 2016, Metal Cafe, Lörrach, with Blackslash, Strained Nerve und Darkmoon
april 2016, SIC Festival, Pforzheim, with Ichorid, Gefrierbrand uvm.
april 2016, Spontangig, with Impact of Theia und Silexis
april 2016, Juz Tiengen, with Let me fall, Total Annihilation und Bitterness
april 2016, Unbrauch Bar, with Total Annihilation und Black Wind
march 2016, Metal Deluxe, with Entoria und Rotten Dregs
march 2016, hOURS of mETAL, with Gefrierfrand, Zanthropya EX und Mass Mind Breeding
february 2016, sLAUGHTER of dEATH, with Dawn Ahead, Ira Tenax
january 2016, dEATH'N tHRASH, with RawEnsemble, Hellvetica, Torment Tool
december 2015, Nuclear Winterstorm, with L'estard, UGF, Casket
november 2015, Thrash'n Death, with Hellvetica
november 2015, Metal Night Vol.4, with Crypic Legion, Ira Tenax
october 2015, Thrash Metal Showdown, with Battalion, Hellvetica
september 2015, Brainstorm Festival, with Krayenzeit, Remember Twilight, Arcaine Rain, Atomic Symphony
august 2015, Querbeat Open Air Festival, with The Prosecution, Blackout Problems, Stereo Dynamite, Mandrake's Monster, Hell&Back
july 2015, Hartklang Konzert, Sonnenkeller Balingen, with Contracrash, Entorx and Cryptic Legion
june 2015, Out & Loud, Geiselwind, with Testament, Arch Enemy, Helloween, Wintersun, Accuser, Unleashed, Tankard and more...
april 2015, Rockstation Durchzug, Erzingen, with Hellvetica and Gods will be done
february 2015, Metalnight Vol.3, Rockstation Durchzug, Erzingen, with Cryptic Legion and Suborned
february 2015, Metalcafé, altes Wasserwerk, Lörrach, with Sensles, Endless Curse and Nachtschatten
november 2014, Metalnight Vol.2, Rockstation Durchzug, Erzingen, with Coldaura and Under Constraint
october 2014, Metalnight Vol.1, Clubhaus Wildsäu, Grießen, with Casatron and The Percent
december 2013, Heavy XMas, Schwarzwaldhalle, Grafenhausen, with Finsterforst, Long Distance Calling, Gasmac Gilmore, Nachtblut and Under Constraint
september 2013, JUZ, Tiengen, with Pessismist and Casket
september 2013, Party Rosi, Kaktusbar, Blumberg
july 2013, Party Simone, Eggingen
may 2013, Pontem, Herisau, with Casatron and Invisible Mirror